Graphic Design

Our graphic design support includes:

- Logos
- Product labels
- Banners & Flyers
- Brochures


We believe that creating logos is not solely about designing them but it is mostly about the marketing research conducted to come up with that design. As marketing agency, at OnlineIcan we will design your logo after digging into 3 elements of your business: type of target audience, Unique Value Proposition (USP) and the benefits that consumers might perceive when looking at your future logo. We will initially create for you 3 different drafts and then decide together how to change them to achieve the best result.

Product Labels

Product labels are essential if you want your product to stand out from the crowd when consumers shop at supermarket. Like with logos, designing product labels is not just about the actual design but also about the marketing reasoning behind that style. The design will be conceived bearing in mind your audience and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to make sure that when a potential shopper walks down the aisle can spot and grab your products amongst a number of cruel competitors.

Banners and Flyers

Thinking of advertising your product in a newspaper, leaflet or simply creating a professional cover photo for your FB business profile? Let us design your banner or flyer; we will make sure it is very straightforward and aimed at boosting sales. Whether it is a banner or a flyer we will make sure that your Ad creates Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action in your target audience (AIDA).


Both your sale representatives and clients will probably need a way to present and check out your products. Booklets and brochures are probably one of the most effective ways to do so that is why we want to create the perfect design for them. Whether you need a paper or an e-brochure we can design it for you, creating an appealing layout, inserting content and eye-catchy pictures. Don’t you have a way to print them? No worries, that is also included.