Mobile App Development

We understand that building an app is not just designing a catchy game that is why different experts will come together to make your app come true:

  • Programmer
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing Analyst
Our step-by-step approach will ensure you make the most of your app:
  • Business discovery
  • Design proposition & Planning
  • Development
  • Quality Testing
  • Marketing consultancy
Business Discovery:
We begin by listening, making sure that we understand your industry, audience and app’s goals – if you have any ideas for your app we will be happy support.

Design proposition & Planning:
Having understood the context, we will prepare a wireframe design proposition whereby you will be able to see a draft of the app design and a brief description of the functionalities we envisaged for you.

If you are happy with our strategy, we will commence the hard work. This will involve developing the app and make sure it works on the platform (IOS, Android, Windows) you wish or why not on all of them (Phonegap). Meanwhile, we want you to stay on the top of it, so you will have the opportunity to check the developing process so that the app looks exactly the way you want it.

Quality Testing:
We want everything to be perfect that is why we will test, re-test and test again the app against any potential bugs or negligence. What is important to us is the business logic (UNIT test), user interface (Acceptance test) & Error handlings (Stress test).

Marketing consultancy:
We want you to make the most out of your app that is why we will also support you with promoting it across the various platforms. This will entail analysing your target audience; choose the right revenue model and make sure it shows right at the top of the store (do no forget we are also SEOs).

  ✔ You can benefit from the expertise of 3 different professionals
  ✔ Not enough budget? We also offer a sharing revenue model that allows you to develop your App at a cheaper price
  ✔ Our about us page will give you further reasons