PPC Campaigns

  • Set up your PPC account
  • Review you PPC Account
  • Manage your PPC account on a monthly basis

Set up your PPC account
Is it your first time advertising on Google?

No worries, we can set up a PPC from scratch for you and get you started straight away.
This will involve:

  • - Conduct extensive keyword research to target phrases driving traffic and conversion
  • - Identify the right bid which can potentially display the ad more often
  • - Create & Optimise the ad copies and choose the relevant landing pages
  • - Attire clicks only from the locations you want so that you don’t waste your money
  • - Give you directions as to how run your campaign in the future

Review your PPC account
Already have a PPC account?

We are happy to conduct an audit for you to point out potentials errors and optimise it to make the most of out of it.
This will entail:

  • - Add potential keywords that your account might be missing
  • - Check if the right bids for your keywords are in place so that you don’t spend more than you should
  • - Increase the quality of your ads to lower your bids and save you money
  • - Attire clicks only from selected areas so that you don’t waste your money
  • - Provide you a report at the end of the month where we highlight each issue we found, the way we fixed it and the objective behind it – improvements to the account will also be outlined

Manage your PPC account on a monthly basis
Too busy to run your Adwords account?

Let us take over your campaign and we will look after it as if it was ours. Whether you already have a PPC account or wish us to set up a new one, we can then run it on a monthly basis to obtain long-term results
This will include:

  • - Set up or review your account
  • - Check the performance of the campaign on a weekly basis
  • - Track performance of keywords & ad-copies
  • - Check & edit keywords not performing well
  • - Check & edit ad-copies not performing well
  • - Add new keywords & ad-copies and track their performance
  • - Take advantage of new additions to Adwords to improve campaigns
  • - Provide a monthly report outlining the work we have done and check the performance of the account

  ✔ Members in the team have run PPC campaigns for global brands
  ✔ Quality PPC management at an affordable price
  ✔ Constant updates on the status of the campaign (ping us whenever you want)
  ✔ Our about us page will give you further reasons