Website Design

Whether you need an informative site or a complex e-commerce, at OnlineIcan we can help your business.

    Professionals working on your project in London:

  • Programmer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketer & SEO Analyst
We prefer hand-crafted codes over traditional CMSs

In order to provide our clients with a unique, fast and fully customised website, we have decided to ditch obsolete CMSs (say Wordpress, Jumla, Magento etc.) and support them with unique websites which are created by our professionals all by “hand”.

Our experience taught us that CMSs are now obsolete because they are way slow, difficult to customise (we need to find against their code) and likely to crash at some point. A potential crash is always expected since the frequent CMS upgrades are often not followed by the same upgrade of that famous free plug-in you might have downloaded. In order to avoid this and make our clients happy, we build all our websites by handcrafting codes from start to finish (including a personal back-end) so that we can provide a much faster, customised experience than any other CMS on the market. Whether you need an e-commerce or an informative website, please let us know what your preferences exactly are and we will do the job for you.

In short, we can provide fast and unique websites charging much less than other companies claiming to create websites but effectively using obsolete CMS platforms. This does not meant that if you “force” us into creating a wordpress site we will not do it, but having informed you of the risks, the choice is up to you..

Our step-by-step approach explained:

  • Business Discovery
  • Plan a Strategy
  • Development & Integration
  • Site Launch & Initial SEO settings
  • Post sale & Maintenance

Business Discovery:
We begin by listening, making sure that we understand your industry, audience and websites’ goals – if you have any ideas for the site we will be happy support.

Plan a Strategy:
Having understood the context, we will prepare a specification document for you where you will be able to see a draft of the website and a description of the functionalities we are proposing.

Development & Integration:
Hosting setup, database setup, programming & testing. Up-to-date info on the status of the site will be provided on request so that you can check the stage at which the site is and suggest any changes.

Site Launch & SEO settings:
Having made sure that the site is exactly what you want, we will place it online and make sure it is indexed by the major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing). Tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will be installed so that you can keep the health of your site under control and check how many people land on your site on a daily basis!

Post sale & Maintenance:
Instructions will be given to you as to how make small changes to the site (e.g. add new products, articles or change prices). Meanwhile, full support will be given in case you had any concern or questions. Through our maintenance options, changes or bugs involving a modest amount of time or resources (e.g. website problems, light changes to design or content ) will all be completed for free while substantial changes will be provided at a discounted price

  ✔ Website built from the perspective of a programmer, web designer and SEO.
  ✔ Marketing considerations and essential SEO features integrated
  ✔ Unique, fully customised websites with use of no CMS
  ✔ Customised widgets for you that nobody else has
  ✔ Different maintenance options available
  ✔ Our about us page will give you further reasons